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Lynn Fulton

Lynn Fulton

I am interested in Sculpture as a performative event, where the function of gallery or exhibition space and the studio are blurred. Rather than presenting a finished or resolved work developed somewhere else, to use the framework of exhibition as part of the development of the work itself.

In 2012 I collaborated with another artist Debra Swann in a project called Event Horizon which was a durational sculpture project that took place over three weeks in a public space within Primary, Nottingham. The time frame, situation and materials that were to hand informed the work. We made this process visible via live feed. Over some time I have been interested in developing an intuitive and experimental approach to materials and process that happens within a time frame and in a new situation.


I have an enduring interest in Landscape, as a narrative thread that is present through out my work. In its many complex guises landscape contains intimacy and distance, and signifies a journey, whilst at the same time it can be the particular place that you are standing looking at the view, observing a detail. I am caught up with an exploration of objects, both made and found, and the situations set up between them. The process is one of continuous recycling, of materials and objects, encountered situations. The pieces often involve construction referring to building practices and temporary structures. It is within these other locations, that of building site or rubbish dump, or archaeological dig that I hope to explore other kinds of function and process.